Sunday, May 15, 2011


I'm sitting here on a cold, snowy May morning having some hot oatmeal listening to the dryer hum, the cat meow, and the horses scoot their feed bucket around in the pasture. It seems like an eternity since I blogged last. I thought we had made it through winter and would have a spring before summer came. I'm doubting both at this point. I planted my Mother's Day flowers, following the Rocky Moutain planting guide which says not to plant flowers before Mother's Day or risk losing them to frost. It's a week after Mother's Day and we've had snow 5 of those. Ugh! I know I shouldn't complain. Rationally, I realize I am surrounded by 360 degrees of a constant reminder of wildfires. In April, there were no less than 10 fires within 20 minutes of me. Every summer is like that in Colorado, but that many fires before spring is quite sobering. But since I am a female, and not always rational, I do get carried away sometimes by emotions. Really; it's true. :-) And today, my emotions tell me I hate gray. I hate cold. I hate muddy roads. I hate slipping and sliding when I go out to feed the horses. I hate when the dogs track their muddy feet all over my rugs and recently mopped floors. I hate that I will have to slip and slide on the way to church this morning. And then I am reminded, "This is the day the Lord had made. I will rejoice and be glad in it". So, I choose to see the beauty in the sparse snowstorms, abundance of mud, rejoice in the moisture our trees and brush are getting, and be thankful we'll have a few less wildfires, recognize my flowers can be replaced, and be thankful my loving, rational Father is in charge, not me. I wouldn't be so good at deciding when it should snow and rain. I'm spoiled that I live in a beautiful, sunny place like Colorado. We get more sunny days than Florida, the Sunshine State! Even yesterday, it was overcast in the morning, the sun came out for a few hours and then it started to snow. I think it all breaks down to expectations. I expect May to be warm, sunny with the typical 2 hour rain showers every afternoon. When my expectations don't line up with reality, I get mad. I'm that way about a lot of things. I expect someone to act a certain way and they don't, therefore I get mad, hurt, or disappointed. I'm learning to take inventory of my expectations and compare them to what God's Word says. In Ecclesiastes it tells me there's a time for everything. Right now must be the time for snow and cold. Again, not my idea of the perfect timing. I'm just glad I don't have to be out in it. My sweet and giving husband is. He's been camping in this mess all weekend with Ike and his scout troop. I got a text message that the wind ripped apart their tent and they've been sleeping in the truck. I think they'll be ready for a hot shower, a roaring fire and a nap! See? There's always a new perspective. I've been sleeping in my warm, comfy bed all weekend while they've been out braving nature in THIS weather! See how blessed I am?