Thursday, January 14, 2010

Big Day

We had a big day today! The kiddos started their new school and came home exhausted but full of chatter! They love their new teachers and evidently all of their new friends are very sweet! They will be going one day a week and will cover a bunch of hands-on activities in Science, History, Language Arts, Art and one called Physical Movement (I call PE). They started a new unit called Invention Convention and will be doing all types of inventions, discussing patents and creating commercials for their inventions. I am so excited and they seem to love it! There is about 10 kids in each class, all of which are homeschooled 4 days a week and attend Options School one day a week. At home we are now doing a computer curriculum by Alpha and Omega called Switched on Schoolhouse and couldn't be more pleased. They remind the kids at the beginning of each unit to seek God daily (and I cried), incorporate verses into each lesson (and cried some more) and even have a separate subject called Bible where they study and learn about the Bible and memorize verses. YES! This was a big decision to leave the school we have been with for 6 years but so far has been a HUGE payoff!

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