Thursday, August 12, 2010

My, My! Exciting Week!

My, My! It's been an exciting week around the Cooper Cabin!

This afternoon MacGyver's department was called out to a possible meth lab in a house. They arrived to find a bomb making house, not a meth lab. There were bombs and bomb making supplies everywhere. Then the bomb squad and bomb robot got involved. I'm glad he's "just" a firefighter and not on the bomb squad. I'm not sure I could handle him having that high risk of a job.

This morning, the Forest Ranger called to inform us they were tracking a collared mountain lion that has become a problem. He is getting aggressive and brave and a little too close to people. They wanted to let us know they tracked him to about 20 yards from our house. They asked us to be cautious and not let the kiddos or dogs get too far from us. We are hosting/taking a concealed permit class in a few weeks. It's perfect timing! And the kiddos are not allowed outside without taking Maggie, my overly protective Bernese Mountain Dog.

Yesterday, the dogs were barking. The kiddos went outside to investigate and realized the bear was getting into the trash can. Maggie, the guard dog, took off after it and chased it off. As much as a diva as she is, she makes me feel safer knowing she's around.

Earlier this week, my girl, Izzy, took first place with her 4-H quilt at our county fair. She will be sending it down to the state fair next week. We'll just have to see how that goes! I'm so proud of her! Thank you, Sandra, for all your help! I learned a lot about myself working alongside my girl.

A few days ago I tried to take off the tip of my pinky finger. I managed to keep it mostly intact but cracked my nail in the middle of the nail and bruised it very badly. I think I am going to lose it. I just wish the pain and throbbing would stop! And then the next day I slipped and fell down the mountain and cut my other hand and both of my forearms all up.

Both our laptops were down but we got one of them back with a brand new motherboard installed. Just like new! Now we need to get the other one up and running!

My chocolate lab is 5 weeks pregnant, starting to show and will be delivering in just 3 short weeks. We've been working on setting up a kennel with a top so the mountain lions don't get any of our pups. That would be terrible!

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