Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sable is getting big

So, I started this post two days ago but didn't know how to get the pictures out of my phone so I put it on hold until I could figure it all out. Unfortunately, it is already old news. Here is the whole story:

Sable is getting huge! She is due any day now. She waddles when she walks and has quite a time laying down and getting back up. I have lots of empathy for her. I just learned that a mare has a "foal heat" which allows her to go into heat a week after the foal is born. It allows them to have a baby every year since their gestation period is 11 months and 11 days. Isn't that crazy long? Anyway, she is due and day now. I took pictures of her to show you how big she had gotten:

And the sweet Amar (the baby daddy)

And our one year-old colt, Sharif, who is being halter trained:

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  1. I've enjoyed catching up on your blog this afternoon! There is a horse (who also looks like her) that is SO HUGE! If you look in the post of the civil war quilt, it's in there. I went and checked on her last night and still pregnant! I feel for her. She drags her hoof when she walks, so tired can not pick it up! lol I've NEVER seen one this big. I guess they can have twins?!?!? We'll see.
    Beautiful horses! Thanks for all the great pics! Lovely trip to Mt. Rushmore! wow! Love the horses stampeding. Isn't it wild how the ground vibrates?!?! XO