Saturday, June 26, 2010


This past week was full of traffic out at our place. The "monkey village", monk retreat center, just south of us finally got electricity run up to their lodge and cabins. The electric company put up a new pole just outside one of our living room windows. I wanted them to move it four feet but they didn't want to spend the $10,000. What? Don't they know it blocks our mountain views? They were very nice guys, though. They let my kiddos go out everyday and watch them trench and set the pole. It was quite the highlight of their week. (We obviously don't get out much)!!!

A couple days later, a guy delivered a truck load of gravel so we could "fix" our road. I use the term "fix" lightly. There really is no hope for it. The very next day it rained so hard it created ruts the size of China in the places we didn't have problems. So much for that! Anyway, MacGyver went out to meet the delivery guy and show them where to dump it. I looked out the window (the same one that now has a huge pole in the middle of it) and saw a tire rolling down the road. Imagine the surprise! I had to laugh. And then they couldn't find it. It has truly become a jungle back here. The kids and MacGyver walked around and looked for it after coming back to call the guys' company to come rescue him. It's nice to know it isn't always our responsibility to save these people! Ike found it down in the creek so MacGyver hooked it up to the winch on the front of the four-wheeler and drug it back up the hill. I made Mac go take a pictures for me. I just had to! There's always a story to be told and it is even better with pictures! I guess I should have gone out and taken some pictures because I missed all the action shots. This is all I ended up with but it was worth the laugh! Evidently, he found one of those rocks in our road and smacked it hard enough to blow the tire and dent the rim. You would think being a delivery driver in the Rocky Mountains, these guys would be more experienced driving on the rocky roads! I was looking at our dirt the other day and realized it looks an awful lot like road base it is so rocky!

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