Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dog Stories #3

I forgot to write about what happened a couple weeks ago. We are training a new medical alert dog and contacted the local university/medical training hospital to get some information. The doctor that returned our call began with "I am here because of a dog". We weren't sure if he meant Colorado, the university, became a M.D., or was alive because of a dog. It was an amazing story; the kind you can't believe you are hearing. And so I thought I'd share the shortened version of his story here...

His mother was from Germany. Evidently, when his mother and her two sisters were young, they were arrested and taken to a concentration camp called Auschwitz. There these three sisters were forced to work through the winter digging tank traps so that the allied forces would drive their tanks over these traps, fall in them, and be easy to overcome. One day, seven of the ladies working decided to try and escape. They ran to a barn, hid behind the giant hay bales and the three sisters were able to wedge themselves between some of the boards of the barn and hide. The Nazis had trained German Shepherd guard dogs and were able to track the ladies to the barn. Four of them were located, brought in front of the work crew and executed. At one point one of the dogs came face to face with his mother, sniffed her and for some reason walked away. The soldiers spent three hours searching for the sisters and then decided to call it a night. The sisters were able to get to safety and eventually his mother moved to America where he was born, raised and became a doctor. As a result of this dog "looking the other way" he is alive today and he talks very passionately about working dogs of all kinds. We talked extensively of his area of expertise but what I remember most about the conversation was him relating the details of this incredible story. It isn't every day you hear something so amazing!

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