Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fire District

MacGyver forgot his wallet the other day at work. He was in his "lounge wear" or shorts on when they got a call. Since he was driving, he grabbed his wallet, jumped in his gear and ran the call. When he got home he realized he had left his wallet in his bunker pants. We were out and about running errands and ran by the station to pick it up. We live about 40 minutes from his department, and therefore don't live in his district. But I always find it interesting to ride with him through it. He points out the latest gang activity here, the car that was wrapped around that pole, the lady that lives in the middle of a tree business that heats her home with the wood the company provides, the house where the guys helped build a fence or repair a garage door, where the governor lives, the round building which is a tight-knit Russian community. This time he pointed out the homeless man that caused them grief on Labor Day. The guys were out collecting for their annual Fill the Boot day for MDA and this particular gentleman became angry and even aggressive because they were infringing on his territory and collecting money that he felt belonged to him. Hmm! Every community has a story to tell. It is so very interesting to get the real story from the guys who regularly come in contact with the people who live in it.

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