Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Leaving the burbs!

After 3 years with our house on the market, we have FINALLY sold it in God's perfect timing. So, this summer we left our beautiful house, spent 6 weeks in our camper in the Pike National Forest 2 hours from civilization, and then moved into a cozy, little cabin in the mountains. At first, I missed my never-ending hot water and long, leisurely baths and comforts of a 21st century home. But I don't miss all that a home in suburbia implies. As I have matured, I have learned there is a cost and payoff for every decision I make. And as I can tell, we've had both in our little cabin. We've had roof leaks, skunks, snow, rain, sun, snakes, elk, deer, horses, (have heard rumor of mtn lion and bear), fires (the good kind in our wood burning stove), wood cutting, fence mending, and stinging nettle (the kiddos were introduced to this first). I could do without the roof leaks and nettles and am desperate to get rid of the skunks, but all in all, the payoff still outweighs the cost. God has brought us to a wonderfully isolated place on our very own mountainside. Who could ask for more?

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