Monday, September 7, 2009


I guess some of you are wondering where we are and what we're doing. Just so you can stay on top of our crazy crew, we have taken over a position as caretakers for a man that owns close to 300 acres of horse property up in the mountains. The little cabin you see is our new "caretaker's" house and is about 1/4 size of our last house. Yes, we are definitely still in the process of minimizing and in fact have created a couple boxes of paperwork today that we can use for firestarter! We (I use the term "we" lightly) have been busy cutting and splitting wood for use this winter because we have no central heat and will be using our wood stove to keep us warm this winter. We have a brand new chainsaw with nothing but time in our way now. As caretakers, we are responsible for caring for several horses and mending any of their fencing, including hot wiring new areas as necessary. We will also have to keep the 1/2 mile dirt road to our house cleared so Adam can get in and out for work, even in the blizzards. We are also responsible for general maintenance and care of our house, as well as any pasture clearing and even some light horse training. We have no clue how long we will be here, but are LOVING it. I realized a few days ago that one of the questions I answered in my "things you never knew about me" on Facebook, months and months ago stated that one day we wanted to live in the middle of nowhere in a little cabin with a woodstove and live off the land. Too funny! Be careful of what you wish for!

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