Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back to the Grind (and Mud)!

We've been back from our 3 weeks of vacation for about a week now and it's been anything but a nice, quiet, smooth transition. Before having babies, I used to work in the corporate world. I remember returning from time off with a full "in-basket" and it taking a few days to catch up and feel like you were back in the "swing of things". Oh, MY! This week makes that look like powder sugar atop strawberry flapjacks! What a week this has been! Let me chronicle it for you...

Wednesday - We got in on at midnight from New Mexico and got stuck in the mud in front of our house. It was in the low 40s and I was thankful we had on jeans and remembered to leave out our sweatshirts!

Thursday - The kids had a school field trip and I had a message at 11:30 pm the night before pleading that we chaperone as they were short with family emergencies and illnesses. Thursday morning we got up and unloaded the truck, packed lunches and drove to the Wilderness Experience in Parker, Colorado about an hour away in rain, gropple, hail, snow, thunder and lightning. We saw all the awesome exhibits, had lunch and romped outside in the sun and 60 degree weather, and then watched a cool IMAX. I actually contemplated catching a few winks but thought better of it. And when the movie ended and the lights came back on, we were asked to keep all 50 or 60 or so kiddos and parents seated until the tornado warning passed. Getting a glimpse of Colorado springs, yet? Yikes! We were finally released and ran to the grocery store for milk and eggs and a few other things since we had nothing but 3 week old milk in the fridge. Hey! I can't remember EVERYTHING I need to do before a trip! It was in the 40s...needless to say, we had no need of unpacking those shorts and sandals we fell back in love with in Florida.

Oh! We were also awoken at 11:00 with a Jeep and Trooper trying to get up the hill to the Monk Retreat. Evidently, it is the latest, greatest, local party hook-up. Sort of backwards, huh? But, between the washed out culvert, the mud and snow and our truck blocking the other entrance, they evidently decided to find somewhere else to get high or drunk!

Friday - We woke up to 3 inches of snow, unpacked, ran errands, saw a beaver and returned to find a 2 ton boulder, about 3'x3' had rolled off the side of the mountain and landed smack in the middle of our road. That pretty much took up the rest of the night triangulating the "elephant" out of our way and down the other side of the mountain with the truck, a tow strap and, of course, rain. Evidently, there was a 60 ton boulder that fell on the interstate about 30 minutes from here and blocked both south lanes. Luckily, noone was hurt or killed. It's not a rare thing around these parts. We have a few of those giants ominously sleeping above our heads, as well, as we drive up and down our road. It makes you stop and think. Like I need any more reasons to have a panic attack driving up and down that freaky, bumpy, snowy, scary road! WOOOO!

Saturday - MacGyver had to go back to work and was hoping for a nice, quiet day to ease back into his work hat (or in his case helmet...sorry!). No rest for the weary! He was driving the engine all day and his crew was scheduled for an all day live burn training at the burn tower. More heave-hoing and hours of hose, gear and truck clean-up and refilling air tanks. Sorry, bubba. I, on the other hand, had a more restful day playing catch-up at home and met a girlfriend for lunch. It was warm and sunny in the 60s! Yeah! I felt my Vitamin D increasing by the hour!

Sunday - Was church (I missed our church!) and a restful afternoon (or not)...hauling hay and cutting and pulling trees for firewood and to fill in the massive ruts in parts of our muddy road. Yes, we need more firewood for the rest of this season. I smell snow in the forecast! We haven't even had a chance to gather wood for next fall and winter and that is only 5 months away! I'll just stick my head in the sand and pretend we live in the south again where there is 9 months of hot not cold. Needless to say, there was no nap but 2 more loads of muddy clothes to be had. I just love that sucking sound mud makes when it tries to swallow you whole!

Monday - ahhh! Nap, dishes, school...just the normal stuff. Oh! Maybe that was because MacGyver was back on shift! Most wives love it when their husbands go off to work because they can't stand having them around all weekend. Not me. I love hanging out with MacGyver. Who wouldn't? I am just thankful for the chance to recover from all the pulling, pushing, lifting, hauling and general "heave-hoing" he makes me do and know when he returns we have to go right back to it...and the chiropractor. He is on speed dial on my phone, you know. I am glad to see him walk thru that door the next morning, though, and not just because he is safe. After almost 14 years of marriage he still makes my heart skip (but I digress)!

Tuesday - Errands, truck load of rock for the road, shoveling, leveling, shoveling, leveling. Mud, oh the mud! It didn't rain today, though. It was almost 70 degrees and sunny! We even had a mama duck and daddy duck swim up our creek. They must have been looking for a temporary home and nursery. I think the rushing river, horses, kids, dogs, truck and shovels were all too much for them and they flew off. Probably not a bad idea, although I would have loved to watch a brood of ducks growing up right out my front door. Maybe I should take a hint and follow them. Did anybody see which way they went?

Wednesday - Shift for MacGyver and a two-page-long to-do-list for me. It seems to take me at least 2 weeks to catch up that "in-box" of phone calls, groceries, bills, laundry, and normal daily life when I've been out of town.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Work on "Ranch-To-Do-List":  Fix road, stack firewood, start plans for garden, finish deck, repair gaping hole where the road washed out over the culvert that feeds into our newly rushing river, and move horse panels and get ready for a new 'lil foal in June. We'll have to move her pretty soon and give her a chance to get used to her foaling shed and being away from her little herd. Yeah! The kiddos and I have been so excited watching Sable get so big! She actually waddles. (Reminds me of a certain blogger about 9 and 10 years ago!) And then there is 4-H Rocketry and Shooting Club and a certain 4-H quilting project, ahem, we haven't even started yet...and Oh! Don't forget school! I guess I need to fit school in their somewhere. But I need all the extra hands I can get. Brain muscles aren't the only thing we're growing around else are they going to build those all-important arm muscles and hands-on ranching skills? Although, come to think of it, they are calling for snow the rest of the week. Maybe I'll actually get to the rest of MY two-page-long-to-do-list...napping, reading, warm cookies and milk...Just kidding! But boy doesn't that sound nice!!!

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  1. Well, hopefully you've gotten your prize by now... that should cheer you up!?!?!
    glad you are home safely. Yes, it's great going away, but payback is heck when you get back home... SUmmer's almost here! :)