Saturday, May 1, 2010

One-eyed or Two-eyed

My back has been killing me lately. I haven't been sleeping very good or thinking straight either. It must have something to do with all that "rock climbing" and "bouldering" I've been doing. I wish it was as much fun as it sounds. Anyway, I finally gave up the ghost and went to the chiropractor and he "set me straight"...hehehe...I couldn't help it. I was so thankful to be able to sleep an entire night without fetching a heating pad, ice pack, hot shower, or pain meds. I did wake up stiff and sore, however.  I sweetly asked my hubby to swing by the store while he was in town and see if he could get me a few things, one of which was a back massager and one I could reach that stabbing pain in my left shoulder without always needing someone to stick their elbow into. Yikes! I know that sounds terrible but it actually feels putting alcohol on a mosquito bite. Never mind. Anyway, when MacGyver returned with the mother of all massagers, my girl wanted a "turn". She giggled and wiggled and decided it really tickled. She ran to fetch her brother and from the other room I heard, "Hey, let mama massage your back and tell me if you are a One-eyed or a Two-eyed." I obviously was as confused as I'm sure you are and asked her what she meant. Evidently, if you are just a little ticklish you are a One-eyed and close just one eye but if you are really ticklish you are a Two-eyed and close both eyes. She is definitely a Two-eyed. I asked her what I am if I am not ticklish. Her response..."You're a Three-eyed because you keep all three of your eyes open...the front two AND the one on the back of your head!" And there you have it. I'm a Three-eyed...

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  1. SO CUTE! I'm glad you are writing this stuff down. You know, the intention for my blog was to make a journal of sorts... I guess the stuff you put on it can not go away unless you delete it or whatever on purpose. SO, it's a modern day journal! :)
    I know ya'll are glad to be home. Hope your back is better. I fee for ya! (no punn intended) I've had back problems for a lot of years. Just liftin and totin couches and stuff for far too many years... anyways, it's the worst! My husband knows if I'm cranky that I'm in pain. I supress pain and it comes out as grumpy I think.
    Thanks for stopping in to visit my blog! Happy SPRING! I'll post more magnolia pics just for you! :)