Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Surprising Visitors

We had surprise visitors last night. Can I just say how shocked I am the census people found me? I filled out my form but not having an actual address throws them off. Not even 911 knows where I live as witnessed by the recent chimney fire incident.

And then this morning, we had another surprise visitor.... He evidently likes the horse grain. It was knocked over, lid off and scattered about this morning when I went out to feed. FYI, my son wears a size 5 mens shoe (or a size 7 womens if he wears my boots). Evidently, this bear is a bigun with big claws to boot (pardon the pun)!

I wasn't sure how well all our little friends along or that they cohabitated with our big furry friend...the Mountain Lion.

I'm just glad he didn't get into our garbage cans. There's another project...bear boxes!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my.
    A big un!!!
    Did the census folks take gps coordinates?!?! they did here.