Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Puppy Chatter

We just got some feedback from one of our last puppies, Dozier. He went to an Extreme Fighter/Body Builder in Philadelphia that has been incapacitated by diabetes. He couldn't leave the house to work out or even go to the store, for fear his blood sugar would crash or spike fatally. He called the other day crying to say this little 11 month old pup, that he has had for two weeks, has given him his life back. He has been out walking, shopping, and has been able to start working out again because this little pup. Wow! Again, I love getting this feedback! It makes all the work worth it! He wakes him up out of a dead sleep and if the man pushes him away or tries to ignore him, he gets louder and more persistent and has even jumped on his chest and barked into his face until he gets up. Just the other day, he came back inside from going out to get the mail and was greeted by a flying dog. He had jumped off the couch into this man's arms barking, barking, barking (which is his alert when either his blood sugar is too high or low). And he even goes so far as to nudge him while he is eating to get him to continue eating until his blood sugar has reached a more normal level. That is just so amazing! What a dog! We already have 7 puppies from our next litter spoken for and she is not even pregnant yet. So cool!

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