Saturday, May 8, 2010

Oh! What a Beautiful Mornin'

I like to sing to my kids. This is not one of their favorite songs. But seriously, it is absolutely beautiful. I am sitting on my front porch having a cup of coffee and just finished my morning devotions and listening to the music of the creek and birdies. The elk are grazing in the meadows and the sun is shining on my face. The thermometer reads 38 but because my porch faces East, it feels more like 55 and I am basking in the morning sunlight. I say it is just what the doctor ordered...she called me about two weeks ago and told me my vitamin D was low. I'm happy to comply. I'm wearing yoga pants and a matching jacket...thought I should wear something besides my pjs just in case someone dropped by. Not likely but MacGyver is coming off shift today. He would probably rather find me dressed for a change. I love how dry the air is.  The creek provides a bit of moisture but I'm surprised at how loud it is. We haven't had rain in a while. We did have a light dusting of snow yesterday morning but not much else to speak of. Unfortunately, it is time to get my work clothes and boots on. Today we have to work on getting the foaling shed and fence up. I'm glad I had a chance to 'sit a spell' and enjoy all the pretty music outside this morning.

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