Friday, July 16, 2010

4-H Projects

This entire day and most of the week has been dedicated to 4-H. They each have two projects. Ike is doing rocketry and .22 rifle shooting. Izzy is doing rocketry and quilting. Little did we know that each project also requires you to complete a 15 page report relating to the goals, expenses, daily activity records and finally a report summarizing all of the above. Who knew they require so much? Not only that but they have to give a short speech about it in front of their group and meet and interview with a judge on exhibit day. Wow! Needless to say, all our brains are fried and in serious need of some chocolate. We are still working on putting the finishing touches on all our projects, too. This 4-H stuff is harder than it looks. And it took them all day to finish up just one of their reports! Yikes. I'm glad we still have another week. I was dreaming all about it last night. I'm ready for summer to start. What? It's almost over? My bubble is too fragile. I am going to pretend we have another month. Maybe I will just dream of the beach tonight.

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