Thursday, July 1, 2010

Farmer's Market

I am so wishing right now I would have had the time to plant a garden this year; but it was not to be! I should start working on it for next year and maybe I can get my act together for next year. I could set up the shed to start seedlings this winter. We have such a short growing season, you really can't harvest seeds straight into the ground. Nothing would ever ripen before the first frost! Anyway, we were taking our 4-wheeler up to a fellow firefighter's house to use his welder and fix it up when we found a local farmer's market. I LOVE farmer's markets. There is something so wonderfully magical and romantic about them! Local grown honey, various vendors and of course, the magical and beautiful produce! Unfortunately all the cash I had on me was $8. I still made out and came home excited for lunch and dinner. Look at my loot!

I've never seen Mexican zucchini before!

I had to cut into the canteloupe and tomato for lunch. I just coudn't help myself. I really wanted to bite into it on the way home but decided I'd rather not wear it! I made some chicken salad and had some tomatoes and canteloupe. Slap your pappy! It was so good!


Makes me really wish I had a garden! My favorite thing about growing up and working on my grandparents' farm was eating green beans right off the vine and strawberries until you got sick. We always started the harvesting days by throwing a watermelon in the creek to chill while we worked in the hot Georgia sun. And the payoff was better than you can ever imagine. And the watermelon spitting contests! Oh! The good days and the memories of childhood! I sure don't miss those acres and acres of workking the fields...especially having to snap peas for hours on the hot porch later, but I do miss all those fresh yummies!

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  1. If I had a nice farmer's market that I could get to, I'd go that route! I mean, I love my garden and all, but for what it costs to pay somebody to till, haul stuff by boat, weed, water (50% surcharge on elec), on and on....
    then a coon gets in and eats my crop of tomatoes.
    No, I think I'd rather sew and drive down to the farmer's market.
    Just start with a few raised beds or plants in pots and go from there...