Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall 2009 - First Big Snow

I've heard we have about 3 feet of snow. I believe it. I stopped counting at about 27 inches. When I went out to feed the horses last night, I had to traipse through knee deep snow. That was about 5:00 last night. We've been getting about an inch an hour and it snowed all through the night. I will have to shovel the front and back doors to get them all the way open, and will have to make another path to get to the horses and their hay. Luckily, Ike LOVES the snow and LOVES to shovel (and sled) through it. Now the trouble will be getting MacGyver home. He's coming off shift this morning and will have to chain up to get up our driveway. I pray he doesn't roll off the side. It can get pretty hairy when it is snowy or muddy. It might be mid-morning before I see him. I'm considering strapping on the ole snowshoes and meeting him at the end of our road and at least make an attempt to help. I don't think I can shovel 3 feet of snow 1/2 mile by hand, but I can at least hit the most treacherous spots. Maybe he can get to the bobcat. For now, the wood-burning stove is roaring and crackling, the coffee is hot, the butternut squash bread is warming in the oven and I've just finished doing my morning devotions, all before 7:00. Now I'll have enough time to get ready for school and feed the animals before the kiddos wake up!

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