Thursday, October 1, 2009

New horses in the west pasture

We put the two geldings, Bud and Khayel, in the west pasture behind our house yesterday morning. By noon they had found a low spot in the fence and were out wandering around. We put them back up and patched up the fence and so far they have managed to stay put. Last night Maggie (our Berner) was growling and barking at what I thought was the horses. I kept seeing eyes in the flashlight and didn't know if it was a horse or deer or worse. About 9:00 I went outside once more to see if I could see anything. I heard something tromping through the scrub oak and brush. When I shined my flashlight I was startled to see the LARGEST elk I had ever seen! He stood there for almost 10 minutes staring at us. He must have had a 6 foot spread on those antlers! MacGyver wanted to take him out right there. Boy we need to get a tag...

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  1. One good thing I learned in my 6 year marriage was to butcher! I can butcher elk, deer and buffalo. The only part of the buffalo that we couldn't figure out how to label was the we labeled it Hump Meat and used it in stews.