Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Honda Adventure

The kiddos and I were coming back from the Open House Saturday and were about 8 miles from home on the interstae when the Honda stopped. No big deal. We called MacGyver and walked to the nearest shopping center, about a mile away. The interstates in Colorado have some of the nicest paved sidewalks for bikers and runners (as well as parks on just about every corner) and we took our little pup, Grizzy, for a nice little walk. We were even able to eat a yummy dinner at Noodles while we were waiting! We had trouble finding a tow truck so our hero got off work and came and picked us up. We had it towed to our little cabin and MacGyver decided the next day that the timing belt had snapped. We were so thankful it happened less than 10 miles from home, it didn't destroy the engine, and macGyver could fix it at his leisure. God is so gracious! One of my favorite things about MacGyver is he can fix almost anything; hence the nickname! Oh! Here is a picture of Grizzy (who later became Abby), at her new home. Can you see the mohawk between her eyes? So precious!

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