Monday, October 12, 2009

FEMA news

MacGyver and Tank passed their FSA (foundation skills assessment) on Sunday! He had several types of tests to pass, including no dog or stranger aggression, agility, directability, 5 minute down-stay, and searching for two victims on a limited access pile. Ike has been suffering with a terrible episode of asthma so the kids and I missed out. But, Mac said that even though it was a long day with 8 or so dogs in various stages of testing and retesting, Tank did great! He has worked so hard to get this far, we both feel an equal sense of excitement and relief! Although the hardest part is behind us, they are slated for two more trips before they are finally certified. Go Machine and Tank! These are pics of them cramming for the final and cleaning up Tank's directablity at WMFD's new and improved station, burn tower and cache site for FEMA's COTF-1. Check out all that equipment!

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