Wednesday, February 17, 2010

20 Questions

Remember 20 Questions? I thought you'd like to hear the game we played on the way home tonight. It went something like this:

Izzy starts.
I'm thinking of something black and gray.
Is it an animal?
A food?
A mineral?
Is it outside or inside?
Is it light or heavy?
Lighter than a feather?
Can you lay on it?
Yes, but I wouldn't want to.
Can you buy it at a store?
No, I don't think so.
Can you see it?
Is it smoke?
Is it air?
This went on for 20 minutes (and I'll spare you the LONG of it), until we said:
We give up. What is it?
Giggling from the backseat:
Daddy's whiskers!
Needless to say, I laughed and laughed and laughed until I started choking and could hardly breathe! We just discussed earlier that afternoon how much gray hair we were both getting! Yikes! I thought I'd share a little humor thru the eyes of an 8 year old!

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