Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweet Spot

OR...Musings From Tonight's Insomnia...
OR...Remember Never To Drink Caffeinated Tea Before Going To Bed...

I used the words "Sweet Spot" today. My hubby's been giving me B-12 shots weekly for the past year and we think we've finally found the "Sweet Spot" (yes, we're slow learners). That seems an unlikely pairing; sweet spot and shot. It is true, however. And in this case it involves speed and trajectory (just kidding). It does require speed, though. It seems to take all the pain away the faster it happens. Sounds brutal, huh? Anyway, hours later as I tried to fall asleep, I thought about that phrase and the context where it would normally be used...

*Babe Ruth's bat
*that perfect cruise control speed that took you 15 miles and 3 hills to get just right
*the center of a slightly underdone, freshly baked, chocolate chip cookie
*the crook of my neck that gives me goosebumps when kissed
*Starbuck's dulce de leche (which they unfortunately stopped making; or is that fortunate?)
*a perfect ending to a perfect book
*a baby's freshly bathed and powdered bum
*a long, hot bath
*a dog's favorite spot to be scratched
*that place between my shoulder blades where my kiddos stick their elbow to work that knot out
*that spot in my husband's and father-in-law's back that they just can' need another hand or corner of the wall to get to it (and I think my son has inherited)
*that place on the beach where the wind blows softly...just enough so you don't have to get all wet AND sandy trying to cool off while getting a tan (definitely thinking about this one as the snow continues to fall)
*that place in front of the fire that warms you up but the smoke doesn't burn your eyes and nose
*that moment, about 10 minutes after crawling into bed where your feet and hands are warming up, you are relaxed, the house is quiet and just about to doze off (so much for that idea...I'm STILL awake)
*that special spot where your kiddos fit just perfectly while cuddling-no bony elbows, bums, or knees to dig into you
*your favorite place to meet your friends, have a cup of coffee and catch up
*an infectious laugh

You get the idea...and none of it had ANYTHING to do with a shot, huh? Maybe I should have called it the "Sweet Shot" instead!
I crack myself up!

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