Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alice in Vail-land

We met up with some of the "cousins" in Vail. They were in for the week for their annual ski club trip.  We wanted to go up and ski for the day, but the ski conditions were sub-par, we were just getting over an exhausting week with the flu and we ended up only having a few hours before we had to get back and get ready for school and work the next day. Bummer! Maybe next time, guys! Next year we'll be prepared ...we're planning on making a week of it next year in Steamboat Springs! We did eat some yummy fajitas by Chef Alice and Chef Doug and then jumped on the Vail Gondola and headed up the mountain. We laughed at all the crazies heading down the mountain in the dark on ski bikes and all secretly wished we could try it, if only just once! We found an awesome fire ring outside one of the restaurants and sat around and talked and laughed a while. We love you guys and wish we could get together more often! See you in April!

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